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Skaneateles 8/17 8/18 pm 8/19 am

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Fished south end all three days. From 80 to 250, with 125 fow being the best. As normal points where good. It seems to be a evenin bite.5;30 to 7;30 wendsday 5 for 7. Was out from 5 -8 thurs. and boated 6 lost 3 at the back of the boat. Thats solo with no cheaters. Took my dad out fri am from 6 to a little after noon. We only boated 5 with 3 lost. We had four lines in most of the time. The sad thing is all the fish friday came from popin release and jiggin threw balls of fish. Now the pm days where all of riggers with no popin and jiggin needed. Both pm days ran 2 riggers 1 at 60-65 and the other from 45-50. Down speed was 1.9 and temp was from 51 to 65. Lures where nk 28 black streak and stinger killer yellow. With the huge perch hatch this year the thermocline is out the door. My big laker last week came from 70 degree water. Now for friday what worked thurs. was no good for the am. We worked the riggers from 90 to 45. With a sutton 44 silver n brass hammered being the savin grace on a skunk day with only a knock off on a lure that has been a producer the last 3 weeks. Oh all fish where lakers but one landlock. Dave

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