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  1. still availible? definetly interested. live in binghamton
  2. Nice. We will have to get together one of these days.
  3. thanks guys. i am hoping it warms up a bit soon
  4. How are the launch conditions on the south end? thinking about giving it a try. Any suggestions?
  5. Depending on what you are looking to spend a new barrel with isn't really that much.
  6. Savage did in a heavy target model. Not sure if they still do. maybe tika
  7. To shoot both heavy and light, I would look for a 1/9 twist. Fast twist is not really common for that caliber from the factory. If you can find one that will be good from 40 to some 75 grain pills. Since you reload that caliber.
  8. I know mine drops almost as much as my bowtech.
  9. That's all I am saying. I don't agree you don't need bow course. As for able to kill deer at a 100 yards that involves ethics. At one time I could keep 6inch groups at 75 with a bow. Did I feel the need to shoot at a deer past 30? No. And the fact is not matter what weapon is being used there's always the idiots that don't practice. Heck I know a bunch of guys that bought flat shooting rifles with the thought of making long shots. sorry boy's it doesn't work that way. You have to put your time in at the range. whether gun,bow or crossbow. And for all the wounded deer with a crossbow. tell me how many deer are found after deer season pre the evil crossbow. I know I have found a ton over the years. That picture of the doe that was posted on here not that long ago sure did look like a arrow to me. to each there own. It's the idiot behind the trigger not the tool being used.
  10. I wouldn't say that I can manipulate both pretty quickly. a semi has a tendency to be more accurate on the follow up. do to the fact you're not change the grip and weld
  11. Does that mean bow is bad? No it means that there are a lot of crapy shots out there. I see it every year every season whether it's gun or bow.
  12. I have to disagree. I do disagree that a bow course is not needed. I have said that all along. I have bow hunted for 22 years and I just got a crossbow. I do not get to hunt much anymore but a few days a year. I love to be in the woods during bow season. But I have also ate the last 8 years of tags. The one day I got to go out during bow"crossbow" was Wednesday before gun. And I was able to harvest a big doe. We as sportsman need to stick together not fight about what is right to hunt with. I personally only gun hunt with a muzzleloader. Does that mean everyone else is wrong? No of course not. I remember when rifle opened up in the county I used to hunt I found a crap load of dead deer from heroes that could not shoot the same goes for shotgun. I know I have killed my fare share of deer with arrow shafts and broadheads in them, from bad bow shots. pre crossbow. Does that m
  13. Still hunting Sunday morning in 7j I came across this one following tracks. The old smoke stick got the job done.
  14. Lots of good times there. Kate the owner is a great gal.
  15. I meant the primer bulb on the fuel line from fuel tank. It will make a motor not run past idle, under load. They go bad some a year some will go more. Cheap and always good to have an extra
  16. How's the primer bulb, hose and connections. That would be the first place I would check. Especially the primer bulb.
  17. Pap the vx 3 came in both flavors with about a 300 dollar difference.
  18. Looks like a inch tube to me.
  19. Good luck Ed. Looking forward to your report.
  20. Gee Roy must be nice your boss let's you work from home. Tell your dad hi for me. Dave
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