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  1. Mark let me guess TNT. Never used them Sierra varminter in 110 for 30cal I have... But 100 grainers in 7mm mag oh boy.
  2. Not that one. They use Sierra match kings, they work like a full metal jacket. A 308 will not expand them. If you want alot of expansion use cheap soft points or a noseler ballistic tip. If you want controlled expansion you will need to use a load that uses a premium bullet like a barns , nosler accubond, hornady sst or stx something inline with those. I reload so I cannot tell you off hand what brand and what type to use. I would use one with nosler ballistic tip. They work good all around. If you have any other questions pm me.
  3. Rolmops when and where did you serve in the United States military? I'm just curious.
  4. Rolmops if ya don't like it why read the post! Clearly by the wording on the title you should have known what it was about. We all know your out look on it so stop wasting your time and ours by reading it and posting about it. Some of us believe in our bill of rights, and what they stand for. And some if not most on this site took an oath to defend them and the constitution. Most of us took that oath seriously and still feel strongly about it. Did you take the oath? I know I am getting really tired of getting stepped on by our government and not just on this topic. It is about time we all stick together and let our elected officials know how we feel. It sickens me to think of what my brother's in arms, let alone my relatives sacrificed for this country to just have it go down this road.
  5. 06 and 308 ballistics are almost identical with 150 grain bullets of the same type. When you get over 168 grains the 06 has the advantage over the 308 because of the larger case capacity. The difference between the two is nothing that 99% of shooters would be able to tell the difference, with 168 grain bullets and under.
  6. Boy great idea. Then we can get even more out of state and non local folks coming in and killing our deer and hunting in my spots. Just like the do with all the trib guys salmon and steelhead. This is funny. Any of you guys own land where the wild Russian hogs got loose? I do and I just love all the non locals and some locals trespassing on my land. From idiots posting in newspaper.
  7. Gambler thats what I was always told. Basket racks will pretty much always be a smaller rack. And for those who say if you can afford to hunt can afford to buy food. How do you figure I have an 870 that's 20 year's old I haven't bought a shell four it in years but still shoot 2 doe and a buck a year. Some times four doe a year. Im hear to say what i have invested is way less then how much beef I would buy to replace it. I always try to shoot bigger deer and have not had to shoot more then once in years. But let me tell you there has been years where I wished I shot the first buck I saw, because I never saw one again the rest of the season.
  8. We sportsmen and Americans need to stick together. It saddens me the way this country is heading. Our rights are not important to some. I wish people would correct those who give thanks for something they did not do nor take the oath the same as I , and many others on this site did.
  9. 400 for digitroll's. 200 for cannon manual 150 for invaders
  10. The manuals are cannon and invader. The digitroll's have triple rod holder's.
  11. 2 sets of manual riggers. 1 set of digitroll3. 1 was converted to mag10 the other works like it was made. The digitroll's where gone thru , and if it needed it they got it. I'm posting for my dad so please call him for info and prices. (607)423-7713. He is a member here with no posts, hasn't fished in years but loves to read all the great posts. Thanks....Dave
  12. Big head with thin bodies is the norm for Lakers. The plus side is everything tastes better from this lake. There not as fatty and strong tasting.
  13. Sorry post is alittle messed up typing on phone. Had to stop and start again,so its not in order.
  14. I have caught them in 65 degree water while feeding on the perch hatch. That's why the Lakers are skinny and on the smaller side on this lake. Try bumping up the speed to 2.5. There is alot of currents in this lake. I found that to be about the best speed. Try to fish the marks, don't look for bait. You won't find any.skinny is a bait free lake. No smelt or alewifes. Perch is the bait.
  15. From what I have been told cannon link is no longer made and hard to find. I have been looking for one for my mag 20s and 788.
  16. It's fine. I have same one. It works up there.
  17. Stacked line is run shorter. I run it about half as short. The only times I ever had tangles was when I tried to run flashers on top line.
  18. I normally run my stacker 10-15 feet up.
  19. It's not very common. I have only had it happen a few times.
  20. Still over 2000 people out of power for national grid. I'm working on this merry day trying to keep it on. 300 miles from home , hope everyone is having a merry Christmas. If you get a chance thank a lineman and utility tree man.
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