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  1. I'm working in the Tupper lake area, and I'm staying at the sunset on route3. I was just watching a few guy's fishing from my window. There must be a bunch of ice they had to full sized trucks next to each other out in the middle.
  2. Dec do not care about getting you a new tag. I shot a big doe four years ago, skinned it no more then 3 hours later. And it was wasted, gangrene bad. Hind quarters looked like delaminated plywood. I called the gamewarden he told me to take it to the biologist. I did she wasn't there. Left my name and number with the Secretary. Never got a call. Called game warden back he told me he would be at my house no later then four hours later. Long story short still waiting for that tag. Wasted three days of hunting to boot. Neither the biologist or warden called.
  3. I thought you needed to have a 700 and up humming bird with the cannon link. Yankee is it true that they did away with the link. I have mag 20s and a 788. Was going to get the link and cables this winter.
  4. The only thing I know of that will help is a hydraulic buffer. You will never complete get rid of it though.
  5. Totally right Justin. The one thing most people don't relies is vld's require faster twist rates than most stock rifles have. Also some magazine s will not work when the bullet is loaded to the lands or close to them. Justine if you have any questions on starting to reload call me. I have been doing it awhile.
  6. Killer must not have gotten the whole news story in Canada. Of course he wouldn't have a problem with the U.S. and New York gun laws and what the antis want.
  7. Hey watch the news, killer. He only went in with a shot gun. Got the other weapons from some one inside. Most likely a victim. Guess you are better off saying no one needs the high capacity magazine. Cops and soldiers included. Thoughts and prayers go to the families.
  8. Funny you say weapons of war have always been a no no. Here's the thing we as Americans have been able to buy the garands from the government the 1903s to. Most of which was used in high power competition. Which to those of you that don't know is shooting holes in paper circles at up to a thousand yards.
  9. Not to mention, I might be wrong here. I thought drugs where illegal in this country. Man you wouldn't know it with all the drug related problems in this nation. Crooks will always be able to get what they want. They get it in prison what makes you think they cannot get it on the street. But hey what do I know I'm just some morron that signed up.
  10. Gee lets see mister three feathers. What about the government that made it so I cannot hand down to my child what was handed down to me. Or the fact the same buffoons tell me to register or sell,what I rightfully owned legally a year ago. Nothing like taking a few thousand dollar loss because a bunch of morrons told me I had to. I am a vet and like many on this site defended the constitution and live by it. What a slap to the face of all vet past and present let alone the forefathers of this great nation of ours.
  11. Your my hero ed. Good job if you go out in the a.m.try a black n purple with white back for me. If you need one I have couple I'll sell to you... lol
  12. That ol sod buster trick has saved me a few times from getting skunked. But the true style is to just jig it no reeling.. Good job Ed.and thanks for the report.
  13. It will work on a moor sub trol . Really don't see why it wouldn't for the raider.
  14. Fish the marks. I have hammered the Lakers in high 60 to low 70 degree water on skaneateles. When there was a big perch hatch. For me the speed at the ball is the most important.
  15. Ed I was thinking the same thing. Or I could just steal his.
  16. I have to send my probe to them. When fish hawk gets it then they will send me another.
  17. Im taking my versaball's off my boat. They will slip. And for me I have to take my trolling board and riggers off to fix. There are holes to but set screws, but with around3000 plus dollars hanging by them I really don't feel the need to make them weaker by putting more holes in them.
  18. Thank you. I will try tomorrow. I sure do hope so ed.
  19. My x4 is less then a year old and used maybe 8 Times. Always goes from spoon box to rigger and back when I'm done. I brought it up today and the battery compartment was full of water. The thing is cracked under the cap. Along where it's molded. I have mag 20's.and it has never hit the boat. My question is has anyone else had this problem. Sucks that I need a new one.
  20. Do you want to sell the 768? I would be interested. You could buy or make a rigger board. Not a bad idea to do, might keep you from going in the drink to boot. I know my board kept me in the boat an a few rough solo trips.
  21. Ok I was alittle slow on reply. Lol
  22. Good job on the lake. I hate the pre fishing breaks. As for pictures go to full version of Lou.I had to with my droid . It's alot easier then the old layout
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