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  1. My dad lives in Spafford. Yes I fish the south end the most. You have to remember perch is the primary forage in this lake. You most definitely want to fish the marks and not the temperature. Anything you do on other finger lakes rarely work here. If you do not have a down speed probe I highly recommend getting one. The currents can be terrible. Generally I use long leads and light line since the lake is so clean. Don't give up skaneateles doesn't give up it's fish easy. Every time I fish another body of water I can usually pick up at least one fish not so here. I have been skunked more than I care to while trolling on this lake. Don't plan on really big fish either. The biggest Laker I have got out of it was almost 8lbs. I have hooked much bigger but never landed one or personally seen one bigger caught. But as for eating them oh boy!! I would almost eating a carp out of it.
  2. Good luck. Not saying they won't work, but my dad and I have dragged them all and have yet to catch a fish with one on skaneateles. That's with 20 plus years fishing the lake almost every weekend. From what I hear some have,but not many.
  3. For what it's worth not every rifle shoots best when fully floated. Most sporter weight barrels like a little pressure towards the tip of the forearm. There are many more important factors in the purchase of a rifle then that. Fit and function. Does the bolt rattle? Does it look like it chambers true. How's the crown? Does it shoulder well? How about the weight? A feather weight rifle will have more recoil then one that's heavier in the same caliber. That will cause flinching in a lot of shooters. What is the main purpose for the rifle? If you do not reload I would stick to the standard calibers. All the ones mentioned are good. When it comes to calibers it's like cannon,Scotty and big John debate.
  4. I know on skaneateles you catch a lot of Lakers out of temperature. They are eating young perch. Of course that's the only forage on the lake.
  5. If you do not reload 2506. Creedmoor is hard to come by.
  6. No pictures they are new condition and I am selling for the price of one. Vexlar is 7 years old. I don't like wasting people's time and would never miss lead. My wife is very ill and i have a six year old. My time is precious to me
  7. More interested in selling the auger and shanty. But might take 150 for vexlar. I would prefer 650 for all.
  8. Nanook two man shelter used for about 4 hours and a Eskimo stingrays auger cut about ten holes with it. Looking to get 500 for both. Also have a fl20 vexlar for a little more. I know its the wrong time of year but don't want to store them. They are new this year, just don't have time to fish. Call or text (607)427-6936. Thanks Dave.. Oh will deliver from Binghamton to Syracuse maybe a little farther.
  9. Like les I have had my 20 for about 7 years. Zoom is a must. And I will not ice fish with out it.
  10. I would use the same ones used on the vexlar . and the likes. It is the one that is used on all portable fish finders. It's cheaper to get one from the game feeder section of a sporting good store. There like 30 bucks if I remember right. Just tell them you're looking for one for a vexlar.
  11. Binghamton. $30 that's what I just paid for it. To tell you the truth I don't even know why I bought it. Must be the tackle addiction. Didn't need it lol
  12. No just click on the person's name, and it will ask if you want to send a message to that person. At the top of your screen there will be a blue box with four white boxes in it, click that and your messages will come up.
  13. Diesel oil has a high zinc level in it already. Perfect for older flat tappet motors. Just not good for catalytic converter.
  14. By the way I never read it either, but that's what my c.o. told me when I mentioned using them 20 year's ago. But like everything, that changed in time.
  15. Rules of Geneva convention state you can not use expanding bullets in warfare. But Sierra mk hpbt is allowed. Just look at the tip then at other hollow points you will see. The hole is only there for the process of making them nothing more.
  16. Pm me if you live in my area I can help square you away.
  17. Like I said Sierra match kings are more like fmj's. That is why the Geneva convention approved of them for warfare. They are used by snipers and special ops. They do not expand like other match grade or other types of hollow points. Trust me on this, do not use them on game. Any game, unless all you do is head shoot. Its not worth it.
  18. X3. For New York you really don't need the high dollar ammo. Just one that shoots good in your gun and one that's made for the game your after"deer,bear".
  19. Lineman you should rethink that map. Lol you put a lot of pro gun folk in there me included.
  20. You're right start pushing most of those lite bullets ya either want to play with the speed or you better have a slower barrel. I shoot alot of 69 and 168 mk. I use mostly sierra and nosler. I have tried them all though, mater of fact I have almost every brand in my bench.
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