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New LOC leader out of Sodus

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Thanks to all that were crossing their fingers for us. I never thought the fish was going to hold up, but it did. What an experience! Over the years I have heard about how other ports on lake O are so much better than Sodus; I fished out of Sodus atleast once a week all season usually two or three times and the fishing there was awesome this season. Thanks to all who have shared information with us over the years it has been appreciated. The set up that took that fish was hot for the entire six days we fished at the end of the tournament. It was a white and green spin doctor with crinkle glow on one side and chrome on the other side, it was pulling a Big Weenie Proctologist fly. This set up would take about 75% of our fish every day. So thank you to both Spin Doctor and Big Weenie.102_2931.jpg



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