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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: Jim / MacDaddy




Date(s): Oct 9

Time on Water: 4 hrs

Weather/Temp: Beautiful Indian Summer

Wind Speed/Direction: Variable light

Waves: less than 1 ft

Surface Temp: 61

Location: Oak North of wall





Total Hits: 19

Total Boated: 11

Species Breakdown: 2 kings 8 steelhead 1 brown

Hot Lure: Lime gator

Trolling Speed: 2.5-3.0

Down Speed: 2.5-3.0

Boat Depth: 95-115

Lure Depth: 25-65



====================AWESOME DAY!! Fishing with the couple that introduced us to Lake Ontario Salmon Fishing. Started in close just outside of wall 30-50 FOW marked tons of fish bait and big marks did not move a rod. After several passes moved north into 95 FOW caught first king only 14 lb. From then on we were either setting rods or fighting and landing fish somewhere in there we boated a 16lb king and a nice 8 lb brown. My wife and I are grateful to have this fishery and to be able to share it with our family and friends. We have concluded our second blessed summer on Lady "O" and look forward to many more in the years ahead. Our thanks to the wonderful people of Orleans County for being so gracious and nice. The only downside to our weekend was having to close camp winterize the boat and tow it home to Central Pennsylvania. So this was either a great finale to the summer of 2011 or a fantastic beginning for the 2012 license year!

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