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  1. I found this on Yellow Tales Fishing Charters Facebook page. "Why are Fishermen superstitious of banana's? You probably won't find a more superstitious group of people than fishermen. Their present superstitious beliefs date back several centuries, with the banana boats of the Caribbean trade. Many charter fishing boat crews have steadfast restrictions about bringing bananas on the boat. In fact, they'll return to the dock to purge the offending fruit. Some charters go so far as to prohibit Banana Boat brand sunscreen or Banana Republic brand clothes onboard. Fishermen have even been known to object to Fruit of the Loom underwear (one sport fisher claimed he's treated wearers to wedgies and then cut the labels out) Oddly enough, the Fruit of the Loom graphic doesn't even have a banana on it, and some say the banana was left off because of this very superstition There are many theories on why people believe bananas are bad luck for a boat. One superstition is that boats carrying bananas don't catch fish. The origin of this belief dates back to the Caribbean trade of the 1700s. The wooden sailing boats of that time had to move quickly to deliver bananas before they spoiled, and fishermen had a hard time trolling for fish on such fast-moving boats, which is how the superstition came about. Another superstition that originated during that time is that bananas will cause a boat to sink. This belief developed after many boats never made it to their destinations, and all of the doomed boats were carrying bananas. One thing we do know for sure; Try to bring a banana on a fishing boat, and you might find yourself waving goodbye at the dock".
  2. Saw you heading out of the Oak Saturday. Water on the outside sure looked kinda rough plus the rain and all. Well good to see you were out though.
  3. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: Jim / MacDaddy ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): Oct 9 Time on Water: 4 hrs Weather/Temp: Beautiful Indian Summer Wind Speed/Direction: Variable light Waves: less than 1 ft Surface Temp: 61 Location: Oak North of wall LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 19 Total Boated: 11 Species Breakdown: 2 kings 8 steelhead 1 brown Hot Lure: Lime gator Trolling Speed: 2.5-3.0 Down Speed: 2.5-3.0 Boat Depth: 95-115 Lure Depth: 25-65 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ====================AWESOME DAY!! Fishing with the couple that introduced us to Lake Ontario Salmon Fishing. Started in close just outside of wall 30-50 FOW marked tons of fish bait and big marks did not move a rod. After several passes moved north into 95 FOW caught first king only 14 lb. From then on we were either setting rods or fighting and landing fish somewhere in there we boated a 16lb king and a nice 8 lb brown. My wife and I are grateful to have this fishery and to be able to share it with our family and friends. We have concluded our second blessed summer on Lady "O" and look forward to many more in the years ahead. Our thanks to the wonderful people of Orleans County for being so gracious and nice. The only downside to our weekend was having to close camp winterize the boat and tow it home to Central Pennsylvania. So this was either a great finale to the summer of 2011 or a fantastic beginning for the 2012 license year!
  4. Pullling the boat next weekend. This is a 191 Starcraft Islander with a painted aluminum hull color white. I know that there is a summers worth of accumulated crud on the hull. I need the hands down best advice on what product will be best for the job of cleaning this thing up. I know this is the best place to gat that advice. I also know that lots of good old fashioned elbow grease will be required as well and have got a couple of helpers lined up to assist.
  5. A few months ago a discussion came up regarding using the Power pro "hollow" braid in an interference method (sort of the oriental handcuff principle) of connecting line to leader line to backing etc. Has any one heard any more regarding this?
  6. Can second the Village Inn endorsement! Great prices, great food and great service! One place I cannot endorse is the Carlton. Friends suggested this spot and we were seated promptly but two other tables that came in following us received their food before we did and our server was blunt and unattentive. The food was mediocre IMHO. We did not receive our food for 45 minutes following order and the only comment was "oh we have a new cook tonight".
  7. I have a 191 islander with 3.0 Mercruiser I/O. I seem to be always trying to get 100 or 200 more or less RPMs to maintain a down speed between 2.5-3.0. The throttle on my boat is either too much or too little. Any suggestions?
  8. Once again the buzz is about the ATTOMIK Purple Mirage flies. Where the heck can I get some? Do they have them at Captain's Cove or Narby's?
  9. Quick question. What make rod holder. I like the idea of just being able to grab holder and all and pull towards you. Sometimes with a heavy fish it is nearly impossible to get the rod out of the holder at arms length out over the transom or the gunwale.
  10. Sadly Starcraft ended production of the Islander series with the 2010 model year. The 221 in either the I/O or Outboard versions were both available. If I am not mistaken that was the last of the cuddy cabin aluminums of that class following sea nymph, crestliner, lund and sabreliner. Now if you don't mind paying an arm and a leg you can purchase a new Hewescraft or other west coast boat of that type and still have a hardtop pilothouse type aluminum boat.
  11. I actually tried an experiment last year on a calm day I deployed a magnum dipsey with ring on 30 lb mono out to 180 feet nothing else out threw the boat in neutral and actually pulled the boat backward (albeit slowly) pumping and reeling the dipsey never released until it was directly under the boat still with about forty feet of line out.
  12. Wire, wire and wire! Ran mono dipseys last year and never was able to boat a fish that took a bait on those outside rods. Ran wire on the inside (deep) dipseys and never lost a fish. Am running all wire even on the shallow outside dipsey rods this year. And the absolute added plus is the fleas are a minor inconvenience not a major problem. 30 pound Flea Flicker on the rigger rods for flea season.
  13. What is the website?
  14. Oh but it does when that bar is the BNI!!!
  15. Where can you get these and what does the haywire twist look like?
  16. I saw a vague reference to joining backing to copper and copper to leader without knots. This sounds impossible to me. Does anybody know about this.
  17. I tryed them on my Starcraft and they did not work at all well. I ended up putting Bennet's on the boat last year and they are amazing. IMO the Nauticus would be a waste on your Grady. If you do the e-bay thing you can do just fine price-wise on the Bennet's. I got mine for less than $100 NIB with switches and indicators. There were a lot of these kinds of things on there the last time I looked.
  18. I would not recommend using braid off of riggers because line twist simply from putting the line into your releases can and does become a huge issue. You will need an extremely high quality swivel/snap swivel to attach line to either flouro or mono leader plus the connection to your lure. I suppose you could blood knot the leader section and the braid connection. But in my experience fleas are harder to get off of braided line than even regular mono let alone flea flicker. For these reasons (and because I am a dunce) i prefer to keep everythig as simple as possible. Regular mono with 150 feet of flea flicker in flea season ans regular mono alone the rest of the season. Just my 2cents.
  19. Maybe it says the average person is actually below average.
  20. Last year there were advance derby tickets available for a slightly discounted rate for the Spring Summer and Fall LOC''s. Does anyone know if this is going to be offered again this year? Might these be available at the LOTSA EXPO? Also where can I obtain a calendar giving the dates of the LOC's and the Orleans County Rotary Derby?
  21. My fishing partners and I have all registered for the Lockport seminar and will be hitting the flea market on Sunday. I am looking forward to meeting Tom and Tim as well as others too numerous to name here. I have always been treated respectfully on this board and think all of you are an inspiration to those of us that are novice salmon anglers.
  22. As of last night we were at 77 confirmed registrations so there are still some openings, but the room is getting full. Tim Thanks for the quick reply Tim
  23. Does anyone know if there are any seats still available for this seminar?
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