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Gray Fox

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Hit the woods early this morning with the hopes of seeing a few buck making their way around the farm. Got on my stand and was overrun with red squirels. Just as the sun was coming up heard a shot up across the hay fields where my brother was gonna be on stand. He called at 7am and said his day was over, he had just dropped a nice 6 point. I stayed on my stand and told him Id come out if he needed help loading his deer. At about 9am I see my brother sneaking along the back of our pond approaching my stand when this deer comes rocketing out of its bed in the thicket at the spill way. After a quick check I knew it was a shooter and took the shot. Two shots, two deer and we were outta the woods by 10 am. pic below shows my brothers 6 on the left and my 9 on the right. No single pics of my brothers buck but it was a great way to spend the morning.



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