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LIfesaving Bucket Top ...with pics

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You probably saw this tip in GL Outdoors magazine last year, or the year before.....but no need to cut out wood or plywood for a special top as they had pictured . I just glued a 5 gallon bucket lid to a vinyl? type throwable boat cushion . You then have a comfortable , waterproof , bucket top/seat cushion,that could save your life...or someone elses life.

When you glue the top to the boat cushion, just offset it a little to one side(don't center the bucket top on the cushion)...this makes it easier to get your fingers on the lid to open the bucket.

When walking out to your spot on the ice, or going hole to hole while jigging etc. , you always have that floating seat cushion with you.... if youkeep a 20 foot coil of rope attached to it, then you can slide the top/cushion to someone who has fallen in, and pull them to safety....or if you fall in you can throw the rope to someone and the can pull you out!

It took me literally 2 minutes to make it......just had to wait for the glue to dry. My top i made in the picture made it through all of last season, and it is really comfortable and gives me a little peace of mind when i'm out there on the ice...good luck to all....and stay safe....choo-choo steve



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