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Easter Weekend in Mexico Bay

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: DukDog





Time on Water: 14 hours total

Weather/Temp: 40s and 50s

Wind Speed/Direction: Northwest and 15 plus

Waves: 1 to 3

Surface Temp: 46

Location: Mexico Bay off Catfish Creek and Pleasant Point





Total Hits: 18

Total Boated: 12

Species Breakdown: 10 Brown, 2 Smallies

Hot Lure: Stinger Orange Killer

Trolling Speed: 2.1

Down Speed: 1.3 to 1.5

Boat Depth: 10 to 25 feet

Lure Depth: 5 to 11




My buddy and I got into them pretty good over the Easter weekend. Got to our target lake late in the day on Friday and managed 4 fish before dark. 3 to 6 pounds and fat as footballs! Saturday was unfishable as the winds had the waves pushed up to 3 to 4 feet. We gave it a shot later in the day but quit right away. Just not a day to be on the water.

Easter Sunday was a different story and as I set the second rigger, the first one fired!! I handed the rod to my buddy and immediately, the second rigger fired. A nice double on a pair of fat 3 pounders. We trolled up another 3 before noon when we quit for lunch and a nap. Afternoon was slow but we managed to fill our limit on our last pass as the wind was again driving us off the lake.

Great trip but as with all early April fishing, the weather can be a spoiler. Water temps were 46 at the surface, 44 at the ball. We ran riggers at 7' and 11' feet. The planer boards did well on Friday but were absolutely dead on Sunday. 7 of our 10 fish came on Stinger Orange Killer spoons, the others came on Stinger chicken wings and a Smithwick rattling rogue in a clown pattern. We missed 5 or 6 hits but landed everything else including 2 nice smallmouth about 3 pounds.

Again, the new handrail that I added to the boat proved to be a super addition in rough water. It made things a lot more comfortable and secure when setting riggers and boards. I'm thinking of adding side wings to it soon.






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Hey it was good running into you Len! Sunday worked out. Saturday not so much. We tried Oswego harbor in the afternoon but it was grim so we didn't linger long!

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