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Additional handrail mods for my Lund


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A few weeks ago I posted up pictures of a rear handrail that I added to my Lund Alaskan.

I liked how it worked so much that I've added sides to completely box in the back. None of the rails interfere with the operation of the downriggers, live well access or gear and rod locker access.

When fishing on the big lake and running my 10' dipsy rods, I have to lean way over to place or remove them from their rod holders. The side rails will make that a lot safer activity.

So far everyone who's fished with me this year loves the idea and the functionality of the rails.

It's all built with Speed-rail fittings and inch and a quarter aluminum schedule 40 pipe. Total cost was about $350.

Here's the original handrail and the other pictures show the new siderails.




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