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Fished out of Sodus with 3 others trying to make the LOC board. Started out trolling for Browns in 20 FOW but after about 45 minutes nothing. Decided to head north for deeper water and maybe some kings. Had a 9 rod spread going on my little boat when all of the sudden at about 40 FOW I hear my planer mast go "smaaack". I look at it then back towards the rods and notice FISH ON! Fish is stripping line like a decent sized King. Hand the rod off and after a 5 or 10 minute battle up comes the 13 lb 13 oz Brown (On my $12 digital scale). We decided not to run in to weigh station because we knew we needed over 14 lbs for Brown Trout lead.

Fished for about 5 more hours and only managed a 5 or 6 lb Coho and an 11 lb King. The Brownie weighed in at 13 lbs 6 oz for Big brown of the day (so far) and 5th place. Later that day someone out of Rochester put a 16 lb'er on the board and knocked us off and down to 6th place. Slow day of fishing but nice to be able to put a fish on the board.

2 of 3 fish caught flat line on a J-9 Rapala Brown trout imitation.

Here is the best pic we took:


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