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wilson 5/18`& 5/19 updated

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: traveling man/cloud 9





Time on Water:5hours


Wind Speed/Direction:east 10

Waves: flat turning to 2

Surface Temp: 54.7

Location:east to olcott





Total Hits: cant remember

Total Boated:i dont know

Species Breakdown: coho, kings, steelhead

Hot Lure: b fly silver paddle

Trolling Speed: 2.7

Down Speed: 2.3

Boat Depth:100-270

Lure Depth: 240wire 40-120riggers



Started out deep not much there but little fish. moved into 105 and did some better fis but no big boys. it was pretty slow. only had 4 good bite and landed them all.didnt do much on riggers but dinks. might try west tomorrow. not much going on east. a week can really change things.

5/19 headed west put down in 100fow 5 miles from the bar. did 2 quick fish on a white and blue spinny with a rons morning wood fly on a dipsey rod out 240. then a 42nd spinny and 42nd fly were good at 240 out. did some fish on a dw mag gator down 122 on a rigger. mag ndk did some fish on athe 95 rigger.. kept or limit and through some smaller kings back. the fish size was good but no brutes. best depth after 730 was 133-145.

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