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Owasco 19+20

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Saturday 19: went out in the morning with my dad and grandpa. We went 1 for 3 pretty slow still. All on dodger and flie clear dodger with purple flie on the dipsie on setting 2 out 180. Riggers were down 60 and 40 didn't do much. All at the north end in 65 fow. Went in for the day and came back out with m friend after dinner. Same spot as the morning at the north end. Better than the morning went 4 for 6 one was on a sutton 88 down 60 on the rigger rest were off the dipsies.

Sunday 20: headed back out with my dad in the same spot as before. Got no fish at all. That night wen out with two of my friends and went 4 for 6 again. All on dodger fly whit on white. Green on white and purple on clear. One was a nice 6 lb laker. That was the weekend.

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