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Yankee @ Wilson May 17-19

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Thursday 5/17 - We left the dock at 7am, and proceeded to head out to 100’ of water NE of Wilson. We worked the water from the Red Barn to the Microwave in 100-150’ of water for the entire day. Our program consisted of our three Cannon DT10’s with spoons and either a free or fixed cheater, three wire divers pulling Walker Deeper Divers trailed by either flasher/fly combos or spoons, two coppers with flasher/fly combos, and 4 surface lines pulling red body baits.

Little did we know that the surface lines were going to be so hot! The Brads Thin Fish and the Challenger Lady Bug just clobbered the Steelies. The first few were throw backs, but the last 6 bites were all nice size Steelies, and boy were they acrobatic! The bite wasn’t as good as it had been the last few weeks, but we had our bites. The fish seemed to be good at getting unbuttoned on this day.

Friday 5/18 - We saw a monster box come in from the power plant on Thursday, so we headed there on Friday to see if they were still willing to play. When we dropped in it didn’t take long, and we had our first King in the boat. After that it slowed a little until we get further East. The fishing picked up again, but it would shut down late morning when the NE winds began to blow.

Our program was the same as Thursdays, but the surface stuff wasn’t nearly as productive. Our Cannon DT10’s really were the ticket on this day. Later in the day we ran meat down deep, and it pulled a few shots on Kings, but most of the day it was various spoons that did the damage. Again, we got our bites despite a difficult transitional type day.


Saturday 5/19 - I was told that we needed to get two Salmon on this trip to make it successful! Easy enough! The guys wanted their wives to battle the famous Lake O Shark! So, when they stopped by the boat on Friday evening I told them to be back and ready to go by 5am. We wanted to see if we could score an early bite on some big guys!

5am rolled around, and we were pushing off from the dock. We strolled out to 50’ of water and the screen was lit up! We were able to get our three Cannon DT10s in and while my back was turned getting the diver rod ready the Sea Sick Waddler on the corner rigger fired, and we were tied into a good one. That fish hit the deck, and we set out both divers and a 10 color. Five minutes later, and the 10 color is zipping! Teenager #2 in the box that took a Moonshine Carbon 14.

After that fish the screen really started to fade away. We swung in one more time, but the moss had invaded our area. We pointed the boat North and made our way out to 350’ before we would turn and head back into 175’. WE picked fish the whole way out. Mostly smaller Kings and Cohos. Our program consisted of our three Cannon DT10’s, two Walker Deeper Divers pulling flasher/fly combos, two coppers pulling flasher/fly combos, and three flat-lines pulling red body baits.

MVP’s today were the flat-lines, and the lines fished off our Cannons. Sliders did real well too. No one spoon out did another, and we were running the same stuff we have been running the past few weeks. The area from 175’-250’ seemed to hold the best picture right out front of Wilson. Fish were in the top 90’ streaking through our gear constantly. By 10am we were done with our four man limit, and headed back in to the dock to clean some fish.




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