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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:





Time on Water:8a-11a


Wind Speed/Direction:


Surface Temp:






Total Hits: 11

Total Boated:10

Species Breakdown:

Hot Lure: Cowbells/spin&glow

Trolling Speed:

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 100-150

Lure Depth: Bottom

Started off shipbuilders in 60fow. Worked out to 150 fow off webster park. Not much on the screen. After an hour and a half, decided to slow down and put down the cowbells. Steady pick of 5-9# lakers. Between 100-150 fow. Later in the morning started marking bait and fish higher in the water column. Couldn't get anything else to go.

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Yeah, we generally try to avoid them but it sounds like they're the only game in town the last week or two. I've been thinking of taking one of the wire rods and bottom-bouncing a Torpedo Diver pulling a Laker Taker. Might be fun...

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I never targeted them until last year. On days when the salmon bite is slow or non existent you can always pull lakers. As long as it is calm. Late morning is a great time to switch over. Very easy spread of 2 riggers on the bottom pulling hammerhead cowbells. If they are down there you will catch them no matter what time of day it is. 2 rods will also keep you very busy. Slimy but fun when not much else is happening. Bill

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