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  1. hey nice buck !! i love the yote pic too. I saw 2 today along 390 geneseo area waiting at field edges for fawns dropping any day now. Jealous i want a green light all year too man it would be awsome to drill these fukers all year
  2. I live on north littleville rd avon we have heard them several times across the street in the golf course yipping here is a pic from a winter past same area i killed that big female they cruise through there looking for small does i need a 3006 semi auto lol
  3. totally.... high water is a plus for past years fished in Hemlock my 2c
  4. oh yeah they roost like raccoons , lay out in the sun , eat your tree...repeat easy to spot
  5. We had a family living under a shed years ago on the Almond property. They wouldn't stir until we were gone for the week after hunting the weekends . They stripped that shed down and all our plywood it was unreal the damage . All the pine trees in yhe area have some kind of bark condition some went brown after too much feeding . I had a family of 5 on trail cam last fall man they just cycle back but ya gotta keep after them it helps killing a few adults.
  6. 143447

    Canadice 4/15/17

    hey i miss it out there nice fish
  7. my daughter and i sighted in the new 1187 for youth turkey weekend . Always a porky around to practise up on we hope
  8. here he is huge male when they free fall 30 feet or more they bounce lol
  9. hate these bastards they eat all my beautiful pine trees on my Almond property. Got one with the crossbow in a tree last Nov. it was sweet!! I'll post the pic when i find it what a thrill watching this monster tumble 30feet after the rage chopped him. Just keep shooting Ed i have definetly seen a reduction since the 4 i killed last 2 years. I hate these things.
  10. Wow the dark phase is beautiful never seen one in Allegany they all come so light colored even had one run past during deer season years ago almost white adult the 12gauge slugs were flyin all over till he was outta sight but he lucked out that day.
  11. Thanks guys i watched her work in from way way off they definetly circle down wind . She stopped a few times but the camo worked and a good 25 feet up helps right. We have a good population in Almond and now they need to be careful . Next year its on !!
  12. look at this nice female i took last Sat night with the 870 called into 45 yards the 3 inch mag #4s took care of the rest. I have seen tracks in this area all winter just needed a quiet rainy evening to call from my favorite tree stand. First one i am hooked man what a thrill!!
  13. My Dad and I trapped coons and fox back in the 80s best of times alot of fun taught me alot about wildlife and being resourceful . Thanks very much for the posts i am excited to get back into it next year still have a pile of our old Victors!!
  14. Your kidding right? That's a dream come true man good luck
  15. Wow nice smoke pole buck !!
  16. GILL T Interesting stuff this is a great read. Our woods in Almond has almost no Hemlock or many pines anywhere but a few giants. The deer seem to like any thick over grown browse any type they bunch up in these areas on the sunny side of the hills. Migration no just an adjustment of a mile maybe until the snow melt . They also like the dirt roads winding through big oaks alot of akerns are washed into the grooves they paw into a foot or 2 to dig for them. Always amazes me how they gut out the brutal cold and deep snow down there. Tough tough
  17. All great ideas guys!! Try smoking your jerky strips right off the dryer over charcoal...just 10 minutes over rolling smoke... hickory or mesquite chips comes out pretty good
  18. Jumping all over this !! You got just get em out there!!
  19. Rediculous ...wow is right. How does that thing hide carrying a tree around
  20. X2 on this!! I had 3 chances to fire my new crossbow at deer this year and passed not totally confident on my shot placement . Off hand is a serious challenge and I need more time. This thing is way way more powerful than any compound bow but I still don't feel at all like I have extended my range . Why do crossbow hunters feel this way? Still a 30-40 yard max for me . I did take a huge porcupine we have several eating up our trees on the property . This one was roosted well up about 35 feet or so the cross hair and bolt did a job on him. I don't think I would have taken a shot with the bow gear . I am totally for a crossbow class of some sort not freaking 2 days of blah blah either keep it short and informative these weapons are very unique.
  21. I have had trespassers in the past years not wear orange at all!! I watched a guy cross an adjacent property above mine and straight over my line wearing an older real tree brown...no sh!! I was shocked I ran to him wearing orange he acted stunned ...unbelievable the made up sh;; you here when caught in the act... Post your land and add keep out signs and trail cams it helps..ALOT
  22. Hey awesome job the 270 is a good choice!! Congrats to you guys!!
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