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Saturday 6/23 - Started back up with charters after a long three week tournament schedule, and it felt much more relaxing. We scouted Friday night on a friends boat and destroyed the 2yr olds in 200’ of water, so that was our game plan for this morning.

We left the dock a little after 6am and headed NE. The flats was where we saw our best picture the night before. We set up short of there and trolled into it. We set out our three Cannon DT10’s with spoons and sliders, four wire divers pulling flasher/fly combos, and two coppers. Our Cannons were down 65’ to 120’, our wires were out 225-325, and we ran a three and a four hundred copper first thing.

We sat for a little while looking for that first bite. Boy was this slow morning unexpected after pounding on two year olds the night before. Talking with a few other captains it was obvious it wasn’t our program as many were struggling. However, as the day would go on the bite would pick up, and make up for the slow morning. Northern King Copper NBK’s and Dreamweaver Lemon Ice were the MVP’s of the day on the downriggers. On the wires the Dreamweaver Gator and 42nd Spin Doctor paired with their respective flies from A-TOM-MIK were good. The 300 copper was quiet for most of the morning until we put out the new Stinger UV Gator, and it became an instant Steelie stomper. The 400 held it’s own throughout the day with a white/green Spin Doctor pulling an A-TOM-MIK Pro Am fly.

We never slammed a big guy, but we had a few teenagers, and some really nice Steelies. They got their fish before the end of the day, and left extremely happy! Nick, the little guy in the pictures, wore us out with his questions throughout the day, but you could see how exciting this trip was for him. I look forward to seeing these guys back again soon!








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