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Canandaigua 9-15-12 GoPro video and pics

Iron Duke

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Well my Dad , my Son and Joe and myself started out with the plan to head to Ontario to get my son into his first king but the weather report turned me against that idea and decided since I have a tourney coming up on Canandaigua to head there for the day in hopes of some Rainbow action.... We launched at Woodville and we could barely get the boat off the trailer due to extremely low water conditions..... May have to launch in the north end in a couple weeks unless we get some serious rain .... We setup at the drop off and continued north running Dipsys , coppers, cores and riggers.... It took us a few to find them but once we did it was game on with lakers and Rainbows one after another, no monsters but just some great quality fish and just a lot of fun, we also caught a small mouth pushing six pounds as you will see in the video and pics and a Rainbow that hits the rigger that jumps about three times on camera..... We finished the day going 16 for 17 and keeping a couple Bows that probably wouldn't have made it for the grill .... Check out the Video, Heres the link...





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