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Anchor Winch!! OR Windlass!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A fella we just bought a boat from has one for sale. I have not laid eyes on it, however he says it is new in box and is Danforth brand.It may be a medium sized model, as it was bought for a 30' boat. He wanted $300 firm. Shoot me a PM if you want his number. He is located near NYC.

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I have bought several anchor wizards, I feel they are over priced but they do work great, its not a rinky dink unit, it is well built and I have beat them to death with great luck

I just spent about $400 including shipping on yet another one, this was my latest:

AW-TS415 Tiller Mount with this AW-NP517 Nose Piece

Have also used this: AW-WS150 Wizard System

This is the site: http://www.anchorwizard.com/

In no way am I affiliated with this company, I actually have had issues with timely shipping, but I can not say enough about the durability, I use this on 16' to 18' small boats when perch fishing 30 to 70 fow pulling up a chain and a 30+ lb anchor

Give it a look


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