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Krylon Glowz


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Im awalys checking out the paint departments of various stores.I like getting spoon blanks and painting and tapeing them up and getting them working. Im still running the metal dodgers. Well tonight I was at Wallyworld in Ithaca and found some glow spray paint. I dont know how long its been around but its the first Ive seen it.Its made by Krylon its called GLOWZ. I havent tried it yet Ill be painting up some dodgers tomorrow and Ill bet a purpleglow dodger will be putting lots of fish in the fishstix boat next yr. Yea Ill do some spoons up also. Here I go talkin purple again.

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I found some automotive glow spray paint at autozone that says it's supposed to glow for 6-8 hours. The can I bought was blue glow and I don't remember if they had green or other colors but it's called Dupli-Color illuminite. It works best over a white base coat. If I remeber it was a little pricey at around $15 a can and that was over a year ago. Just thought I'd give some input on another option. Was the krylon stuff oil or acrylic based? Thank's Mick

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