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Lowrance X-125 Sonar $75

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I'm selling my Lowrance X-125 Sonar. I have the transducer and the the surface speed wheel to go with it. Unfortunately the transducer is cracked and repaired at the usual spot where the skimmer transducers always broke, however it still works good. The surface speed wheel works just fine.

This sonar is 2,500 Watts Peak to Peak power, Film SuperTwist display with 16 level gray scale 200 kHz Skimmer transducer with temperature sensor Enhanced receiver for shallow/deep water sonar performance

I've had this unit for 6 years and I have had it on the boat as a back up, but just not utilizing it very much.



This is what the unit display looks like, or you can run it in the standard 16 level gray scale display mode.


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Bill, I just took a look at the owner's manual to check, it is not NEMA 2000 compatable.


Let me know what you think.  If you are interested I can bring it out to Ontario the next time I'm at my parents' house.  Saves you a trip all the way to Bergen.

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