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Ignition upgrade


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Looking to upgrade the BID ignition system on my boat. She has twin 4bbl carburated 5.7 mercruisers. I want to upgrade because I can not get the port engine to stay running when docking. I have had both carbs professionally rebuilt and tuned once put back in the boat. I have changed plugs and wires and also checked the timing. Both engines run and troll perfectly except when docking. Shifting in and out of gear while docking is when the port engine stalls. I suspected it was the shift interrupter hanging up but not convinced of that yet. I know others have upgraded the ignition systems in their boats. What do you guys recommend? Hank, you know you will be doing the work. Lol getting tired of entertaining the red dock while docking.

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I have the Volvo aq260 engine. It's a 5.7. Just a different color! I upgraded last year, not by choice but by failure. Mine quit while I was on a trip. I highly recomend the mallory electronic ignition system. Drop and go. I believe the kit is a mallory YLM ...... I forgot the numbers but its a bit pricey but my boat runs a ton better. However it says on kit that you can use OEM coil. Dont! This system will burn it up. You will need the coil pack, not the canister/cylinder. My boat rubs better than ever before..

Just my two cents, worth every penny.


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