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Put the boat in this weekend. Went out Sunday for a shakedown run. Headed NE out of the shoot. Put a cow bell on the bottom, a spoon back 150 and 25 down, and a rapala 200' ft out the back. Hit about 80 FOW and picked up a 8-9 lb laker off the bottom. Just as I was getting ready to net him, the spoon took off like a freight train. Threw the laker back and went to work on the next one. Good fight and ended up landing a 25 lb King! Just as I put the King in the boat, the rapala rod hit. Turned out to be a brown, 4-5 lb Little later on picked up a small Steelhead off the cow bells. Kinda surprised at the steelhead, but I had let the cowbells come off the bottom about 20-30 FT. Not a bad shakedown run! Temp probe showed about 44 degrees 25 ft down and trolled 2.25 to 2.5 most of time.

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