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Fished out of I-bay this AM. Went East to the first point and dragged spoons, plugs and flies of various types and colors. Fished in 15 to 35 feet. Had one hit on planer but he got off. Didn't mark hardly and fish.

Shortly after noon headed out to 60+ feet and started to mark fish from 35 feet to the bottom all over the place by then time caught up with me and I had to head in.

If I get out tomorrow, I will head right out about 50 feet, setup and work my out deeper.

It can be tough alone with only 3 rods, it takes awhile to try various setups and depths.


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Flyin solo, keep it simple.  Work on your speed.  Did the hit come on a turn?  i.e did the board speed up or slow down?    Good luck


Tom B.


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