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I posted this on the American (South Shore) blogs but didn't get a response so I'll try here in case anyone is interested.

Drove down 5hrs from Sudbury last Thursday night. Got started 5:30am Friday morning. Most people were in tight to shore but we decided to head out into deeper waters. At 7:30 we started to hook up into some kings in about 85 FOW. After missing 2, picked up an 8lber. Then we got a nice 14lber. Followed by a beauty 20lber and a 19lbr. Went out for the evening fish and got two more in the upper teens. Saturday morning, the same. We had a live target smelt on an in line planer, Lyman with two split sets on a homemade planer, purple and black nasty boy (followed by a blue and silver when the sun got higher) on one rigger, a black and silver NK on the other rigger and a green 8" spin doctor on lead core down the chute. Riggers we set at 45 and 35ft. Speed was around 2.5mph. Water temps were 47degrees where we had most of the action. All setups had hook ups but the lead. The black and silver took the majority. The weather was great. We had a wicked time.



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Did Port D today. Fished 08:00-14:00 and had one small Coho. Lots on the surface but no takes besides the coho around noon. Was quite the nightmare getting there and back with the massive accident on the QEW shutting it down for the day but at least we broke the goose egg!

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