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  1. We fish several times a year with a guide in the Naples area. Its a bit south of where you are but he is amazing. He is a backwater expert as well as some of the off shore areas. I have an amazing 2 hour plus video of a 150+ pounder that towed the boat several miles around the backwater last April ! Look up Chris McCubbin and tell him Ed and Scott from Canada sent you. Great guy!
  2. In the past, I take pen and paper with me and leave a note on the inside of the windshield of my truck stating I will pay when I return. I've never had a problem.
  3. I think your issue is not line strength so much as your drag. We consistently run 17 pound test (Trilene XT) and have never had any issues. When we did have a break-off it was the fluoro that broke. Heck, we have even landed mature kings on 6' ultralights and 8 pound mono (see attached). Patience is the key, but a loose drag will prevent against ripping the hooks out of their mouth and/or breaking line - provided you stop trolling to fight the fish.
  4. Cool thanks. My bad experience came when an item was shipped across the border and extra fees popped up making the price not worth it. This item is 30min from my residence so I don't see that being an issue. Thanks for the input!
  5. That's where I got the image from haha. Been burned on Ebay before, was hoping to avoid it. But if all else fails I'll give it a shot.
  6. Hey guys, So my father has been fishing Lake Ontario for salmon for many years and slowly but surely we've gifted some fish with spoons for jewelry. Bronte Flutter Spoons have been my father's favourite since I can remember and I was curious if anyone had any they'd be willing to part with/sell for a surprise birthday present. For reference, they look like the image below. Directions to where they can be purchased (new or used) is also greatly appreciated. Many thanks.
  7. Normally you don't have to. For some reason this year it has been a pain.
  8. It is still there and active as far as I know. I always find it odd an Atlantic salmon hatchery for Lake Ontario is located seconds from Lake Erie. Also, why hatch Atlantics when Kings are what everyone is after!
  9. I typically rely on local buoy data. I've found if this says 0.3ft or lower it's fine. It has said 0.7ft and we've had the bow under water before.
  10. Went out today (Canadian side) and went 10/10 with 9 eyes... several in the 10lb range. Gorgeous day on the flat-as-glass water.
  11. Likewise. Haven't been out in a month or so due to the persistent crap weather. Was hoping to get out tomorrow. We're 60min west of Bronte so it is an extra bonus if we end up washing lures.
  12. I hear ya! We had a good day yesterday (Saturday) and with a similar forecast thought we'd take a close friend of mine out for her first day fishing. Talk about bad timing. From now on, all "forecasts" will be compared to the real-time NDBC reports (example).
  13. Thanks all, I'll keep that in mind. I'm going to try Sail today and if I have no luck I'll have to take a roadie to a BassPro or order something off their website. Edit: Went to Sail, they had exactly what I was looking for only you could not return it (even if it wasn't used) after 30 days. Seeing as the fishing season is >30 days away and we hadn't really looked elsewhere we decided to punt as we could always come back later.
  14. Hey all, I've recently been made aware our rope-style fishing net does severe damage to the health of a fish prior to releasing them. I was curious if anyone knows of any nets similar to these that are sold in Canada; Frabill's website only ships to the USA. We release everything we catch and I'd like to ensure we're doing everything possible to give the fish the best survival chances possible. Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  15. Hope so too, seemed to swim away alright. I added another pic to my original post
  16. Truth be told, we've done crazier. And by crazier I mean 6lb mono and 5' ultralight ugly sticks with 15lb salt water snook in Florida . Today was fun though. I imagine had they been 5lbs heavier or more we would have had to chase a few times. It was really just a waiting game. Let them do their runs and eventually they'll be too tired and come to the surface, can't really do anything else! It was likely a blessing we had the second one on light line. Had we had it on our regular setup the tighter drag may have ripped the single siwash right out of its mouth - it wasn't in there by much - so who knows. It'll be interesting to see how the surface temp is come the weekend... I like this top-water fishing! Will likely try and get a friend of mine from England out salmon fishing for the first time on Sunday or Monday. If you guys find where the big boys are posts are always appreciated. We let everything go so you won't even know we've been there!
  17. Hit the water today around 7am. Had the itch bad after only getting one last Friday when the east winds were blowing, got a nice video of it being released on a GoPro if anyone is interested. First thing we noticed was the surface temp - the surface was in the mid-50s near shore. Fished for an hour around 100 FOW no takers. Out to 150 FOW same result. Blasted out to 300+ FOW (was mid-to-high 60s on the surface here), had our first mark and a knockoff but nothing after that. Decided to go back in shallow to 58F (~200 FOW). Got a nice coho, on a blue and silver grandma lure, and a couple king shakers so we decided to change our rods for ultra lights and spinning reels. Naturally the next two fish we got were ~20lb kings. They were a tonne of fun on 8lb mono with a 6' ugly stick. First one hit on a watermellon NK Mag (now chrome as it stripped the colour off - see attached image) around 11:00 and the second hit on a blue-and-chrome ripplin around 12:30. The rain started to come and steaks were waiting at home so we called it a day. Was nice catching some fish in the top 60' of the water column for a change. Cooler temps made releasing much quicker as well, if only the drive home on the QEW wasn't always such a gongshow.
  18. Was one of two boats crazy enough to fish in the pouring rain today between Bronte and Credit. Best day of the year for sure, got into a number of fish. The first one was a real nice steelhead but even after 30min of trying to revive it it was still belly up. I noticed its gills were a mess with some kind of parasite that looked most closely like "Gill Lice" when searching on Google. Anyone else ever seen this? (The image is from Google and is similar to the gills of the fish today.) The fish had its left pectoral fin snipped so I'm assuming that means it was stocked...
  19. Was out at Bronte this afternoon until large waves forced us off thanks to SE winds. Got two nice trout and lost one during acrobatics. It was a nice quiet day until the waves picked up, not another boat around.
  20. I will likely be heading out tomorrow, thanks for the update! It certainly is a rush but feels terrible if they get off. Don't have any green spin doctors or flies... will add that to the grocery list.
  21. Thanks for the report! If you know you're getting into guys that size it's always fun to lighten up the tackle, hang up the salmon rods and bring out the bass rods - so much fun! Will keep that in mind for when this wave of storms is done keeping us off the water.
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