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it started out w/ a bang for us out in front of Green Harbor last weekend but ended w/ a fizzel as the East winds blew mostly everyday & blew out the green water we had & blew in that nasty ,cold,clear dead water that puts the fish down.  Not targeting lakers , we got quite a few  nice ones w/a few salmon mixed in. As the week went on we were dropping about half our hookups. I attribute that to the fish not being aggresive .    No pattern as they hit about everthing we put down at one time or the another on both dipsys & riggers ,but most our fish came 3o' down to 100 '. Mags in Glow green or purple  of some sort & the white spinnys were about the best.


 I said three weeks ago that if  somthing  didn't happen fast ( Weather realated) the fishing in my area would be like it was.


 Looking at the leaderboard, why would anyone in their right mind planning a trip up here to fish this thing ,go anywhere but Ollcott west?The big fish can come from any port but your chances are better there every year.  LOC should consider backing this thing up one more week to let the lake warm just a bit more .look how good the fishing was last year.

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