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Perch Setups?

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Fellow Fishers,    Fished for spring perch on Kueka Lake around end of May using 7 foot micro-lite rods, 2# fireline with purple jigs and twistertails, caught a few. I will be in the area week of June 14th, not the best time for perch but we'll be there for granddaughters birthday. Would like some brief information on what to use(rods, bait, setups) and general locations where I might get a meal or so. Any help is deeply appreciated. Thanks

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drift in 8-20 fow using a 1/16-1/8 oz jig with a dobson or oak leaf grub. We fished Keuka today and I took 15 with a grub and one with a dobson. Fishing today was extremlly slow. Buddies did about the same using dobson only--go figure.

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