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st lawrence tactics

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I fished northern Ontario for many seasons trolling and casting bucktails for muskys.  Got hooked on salmon and have not done too much musky fishing but having a camp in the st Lawrence river area would like to get back into it.  I know that tactics and presentation are probably quite different from what I am used to.  I would greatly appreciate any advise to get me started .  I understand and would certainly practice release of these fish as I know you musky hunters are strict about.  I don't want anyone's secret spot or secret lures however any info would be greatly appreciated 



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well said ivan........long hrs indeed,i`m still looking for that one.I come up oct/nov and learn a little everytime about that area.Hrs well spent-long cold days...does`nt get much better than that unless ofcourse ya hookup.I`ve had some rips in the clayton area of whiskey isl and one brief hookup off whiskey in alexbay,that`s been it.Sure as hell not for lack of effort.I`ll try again starting sept with a couple trips over the summer.Bob And darryl of waterwolf are great guys and work hard for you(been out with`m once).Would like to get out with signman a time one of these days.Sorry but i can`t be of more help.I`m putting in my hours,working hard on and off the water and always keeping my ears open for any tips.I do work the breaks and flats with lures from 10' to 30' @3mph(i can`t get any slower without a drft bag unless i put out a couple mr.toothy`s lol).Seeya out there.

Bob S(sol)

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