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post-139996-0-10587000-1371906955_thumb.jpgpost-139996-0-57650000-1371906974_thumb.jpgpost-139996-0-69739000-1371907001_thumb.jpgHad the pleasure of fishing with Captain Jerry Tyler on "The Flat Top."  Put in at the Sandy Creek launch around 6:45AM and followed the info that this site so readily provides...Thanks to all you Sandy Creek posters!  Started to set up in about 85 FOW using riggers, dipsies, and one flat line on a planer...Didn't take long for Jerry to get a laker on his rigger that was down 42...I tried to identify the spoon, but it was rather old and hard to tell....trolled towards the northwest and picked up some more lakers, two steelies, and a small King...Best action for us was in 85-120FOW...Drifted north towards 150 fow, but the screen was barren...Hottest lure of the day was a pearly spin doctor with a mirage fly on a dipsy with a 2.5 setting and out 224ft...The steelies came on a firecracker  and a proking spoon, both on free sliders...There was plenty of bait in the water we were fishing....After 11AM we couldn't get a hit....Enjoyed the water and sun for another hour and called it a day....I had a painting tour of duty with my son-in-law, or otherwise I would have posted this info last night....Good Luck........POPS AKA BUCKA

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