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Sandy Creek Fishing Video - Lakers w/ Kirby Bros. Outdoors

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Brought my friends from K.B.O out to enjoy some of the awesome Lake Trout fishery that Lake Ontario has to offer. They provide content for various TV outlets like Rush Outdoors locally. Being more accustomed with being in the woods or the local warmwater fishery- they had a blast slamming the lakers. Now that the Kings are in maybe I can really put a hurtin' on them. ;)





* I am not a "captain" (6-pack, etc)

* This video is the result of 3 friends fishing - nothing more, nothing less. 

* Yes I finally named my boat. SNAFU!


Be sure to "like" K.B.O on their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/KirbyBrosOutdoors?fref=ts

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