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Guest Icekimo

Lake Simcoe - Innisfil Beach 27th 2008

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Guest Icekimo

Hii everyone, not sure if to post this here or up in the canadian section, but see a few fella's did quite weill at lake simcoe in a few post down so i thought to stick one of my reports here for you to enjoy.

Started off the day checking out Bear Point in kemperfelt bay with nothing but herring's showing on the flasher so we left for innisfil by 11am..


Here's Pete wit a giant simcoe herring, sorry buddy no seasons on these guys, back down the hole..

the population just recently bounced back from the old dayz of no limits on these fish, back in the days people would take buckets full EVERYDAY without a care in the world.. now we're paying for their mistakes.


another giant simcoe herring/cisco going back down the hole.. this guy is tiny compared to the ones we been accidently catching


finally reach innisfil beach.. the walk out to 80 fow is gonna be a real mission!


Ice town far out , 1/2 way to fox island


another Icetown by shore, thats about 15 fow-20 fow there, safe solid ice.. perch/pike grounds.


Big boys, with big toys.. checking out the ice thickness around 70 fow there. lots of machines out that day


good 6-7 inches of ice where we was fishing in 85 fow, the ice was very inconsistent out in deep water, be careful and only go out if you have safety equipment with you, ropes, ice picks floatation suit and friends. some places we drilled was only 2-3 inches while only 4 feet away it would be 6 inches, then another 4 feet you can be on 2 inches!! /blink


action shot.. hmm i wonder what it is..


nice size stocked whitefish... keeper! (clipped fins)


Pete with a nice fish on.. it looks BIG, he's just peeling the line out..


Nice fish! his first laker through the ice! too big buddy.. release him and get another one that will fit the frying pan..


2nd fish of the day... come on, be a whitie!


turns out to be another laker.. but smaller size.. keeper!

day turned out to be pretty productive with schools or perch roaming through every once in a while.. yes perch in 85 fow lol.. whenever they would scatter and run away we know a laker showed up as we be watching him on our vexilar.. we tried throwing everything in the tackle box at them at first but they was very finicky and didn't start hitting until we popped on a hook+minnow combo on 4lb florocarbon..

Rods we used was Medium light action St Croix premier ice rods and Pflueger President Spinning reels..

this week's warmup and rain+wind will affect the ice conditions so please be careful and check with the local baitshops / hut operators before you plan to venture out..

stay safe and tight lines.. Icekimo

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Guest Icekimo

Innisfil Beach Jan 31 2008 - update

I was out on innisfil beach today, conditions are solid, all the rain and cold snap solidify all the inconsistent ice from sunday out in deep water, walking out was a real trip in the head as it was mostly solid clear blue and black ice, i had to keep telling myself its solid on the way out as the ice was crystal clear and looked freaky.. drilled lots of holes , black/blue ice was showing 5-7 inches in spots and parts with heavy snow that melted had a crust of 1-2 inches white ice ontop of the good ice.. the lake was making tons of noise all day until noon when we had a big one that shook the whole area.. LoL my friend (his first time out this year) nearly dived out of the clam hut when it happened, his face was all white.. i think it traumatized the poor guy for a good few hours hahaha, made my day seeing that.. as the ice sheet on Lake Simcoe is growing and expanding.. That means it's making good ice. as the pressure is settling..When this happens you get pressure cracks, which is what we heard like a big gunshot BANG at the end of the shaking and rumbling..

bite was next to non-existant today as they wouldn't bite, marked them steady back in 85fow but they would just sniff whatever we offered and swim away.. if it wasn't for the schools of perch that would oddly swim by we wouldve /skunked out. My theory is the fish have been so used to the layer of snow cover above the pass week, and with yesterday rain and coldsnap.. there was no snow left today on the ice.. mostly crystal clear .. to top it off, bright sunny day too! i can imagine everything we marked today can see our lines .. trout are known for their great eyesights. lots of suspenders and lots whitefish coming off the bottom, chasing our offerings but no takers

today conditions for walking, pulling equipment was awsome, nice smooth flat surface for everythign to glide on.. holes we punched with water coming up would instantly freeze our boots to the ice.. hope the major snow tomorrow and coming warmup doesnt screw up the conditions much .. crossing fingers ..

as always remember the ice is never safe, wind and currents can work wonders, so be careful and always check with your local baitshops and hut operators before you venture out.

ps.. lots of traffic out on sunday with atv's, sleds and homemade huts out, but today only saw the odd sled and quad roaming about.. seems like everyone working straight out from the beach heading east and south.. nobody ventured North or close to the islands

Stay safe and tight lines - Icekimo

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Guest Icekimo

thanks all .. should be back out in a few days to give you all a update.. this weeks weather is just depressing :( its raining hard out right now and saw a few flashes of lightning , hopefully the shoreline and pressure cracks won't take that much of a beating..

Freeman! lol thats funny because we been saying the same thing to the folks further up north beginning of January! we just been able to make it out to whitie/laker grounds for maybe 2 weeks now, no cars and trucks out yet in deeper water,

check back soon, hopefully with a good report and some pics

cheers - Icekimo

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