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Great 1/2 morning out of I-bay, until!

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Fishing alone again, the norm.

Hit the launch about 7:00 am and headed out NE to 80'

Started setting up about 7:30 am.

Set rigger at 60' with large water melon spoon on bottom and a medium Moonshine on cheater.

Set out 5 core with silver and black spoon, not sure of make.

Set out wire at 75' with Mtn. Dew and matching fly.

No sooner had all out and the core takes a hit, small King 6-7#.

Reset core and pulled in rigger and changed  to Carbon 14 on bottom. Set rigger at 45'

Rigger takes a hit, 14# King.

While trying to reset rigger, wire takes a hit, Laker about 10# .

Just finished landing the Laker, resetting the wire and rigger takes another hit. This guy runs all over the place and finally wound himself around the wire. What a mess but I got lucky and got him in the boat. 19# King.

After unsnarling the mess, I lost about 150-200' of wire and about 50' of rigger line.

By the time I got the mess cleaned up, new leaders made up,etc. and got both back in the water, I lost almost an hour and was a couple of miles NE of the zone I wanted.

This where the "until!!!" comes in, I haver had another hit, it shut right down at least for me.

Started to pull up around 11:00 and head in.


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Hey If you need someone to go with give me a call  patrick yohon  owner of grc trolling flies 585 794 2408



Thanks for the offer.

Actually I do not mind fishing alone, as I can come and go as I please.

I only mention that I am alone so others know that I only had 3 lines in action and therefore my reports will not sound as exciting as a someones who had 6, 9 or more lines in action

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The only problem with fishing alone is who is manning the helm when I net my own fish?


That's one of the biggest challenges of fishing alone, especially in wind or choppy seas, and is why 3-4 fish alone is maybe equivalent to 6, 8 or more when fishing with a group.

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I fish alone often,love the challenge of this,much like bow hunting. but really i like company also...my son is by far the best . I could not believe how well he reeled in and landed his first king last summer.

Toughest part for me alone is netting the bigger fish. I dropped my best finger lakes net ever in lake o last summer trying to net a big king.Man I miss that net just a perfect laker net.

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