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For Sale : USA "Rocket Launcher" rod holder arch ** SOLD **

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                  Holds 5  rods  verticle on top   +   1 angled to the rear (adjustable)  

                                            +   2  side holders(adjustable)

                                                    total of  8  positions




                                    made of  1  1/2"  Stainless steel tubing


                          Strong and solid enough to hang onto on rough days




  It is designed to use in 90 degree (vertical) recessed rod holders(easy to remove for storage), I used hvy duty Smith holders, they're   available if you need them, or add a plate to each leg


  note the corners can be disassembled for easy transport, also allowing an easy way to make the legs narrower






                                              located in Schenectady, NY.....




                                         call  Joe  @  518 428 0547



                                        post-140140-0-96601600-1375113012_thumb.jpgpost-140140-0-36199500-1375113109_thumb.jpgpost-140140-0-82751800-1375113204_thumb.jpgpost-140140-0-62633600-1375113265_thumb.jpg ,,,,,

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