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Lake Simcoe - Feb - 16 - 2008 Ice Fishing Report

Guest Icekimo

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Guest Icekimo

Came out to a new honey hole on simcoe recommended by my friend Sauce.. we took off bright and early arriving at spot-x before sunrise.. I was sworn to secrecy so all i can mention is, we was fishing near the north side of the lake..

first fish of the day would be a nice natural laker out of 108 fow (minnow + #8 red owner hook + splitshot)


poopoo pete jumps in with a nice size laker (minnow + #8 red owner hook + splitshot)


poopoo releasing a giant herring


look the fish is waving good bye to us, with his tail


Sauce came out to kill a few hours , glad ya showed up buds! (Whitefish on a Williams Ice Jig)


Iceman Lx-5 with his first laker of the day (Williams Ice Jig)


Iceman Lx-5 the spoon spanker limits out in less than 1 hr (Williams Ice Jig)


Iceman Lx-5 with a giant herring (Williams Ice Jig)


action shot - LRGmouth with something heavy on.. wonder what it is?


Nice size laker, GJ! .. looks like we all catching same year class fish (swedish pimple)


PooPoo hits a nice size whitefish ! (minnow + #8 red owner hook + splitshot)


Slush has firmed up on most spots out on the lake.. there are still a few wet spots but walking conditions are alot better than it was last week. Lots of ice out.. 6-8 inces of black with 4-6 inches of white ice on top at the location we were at. Today was a great day to be out.. glad everyone who came was able to enjoy such a wonderful winters day!

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