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rolmops, very, very, true about the owl, and hawks also, I've seen crows dive bomb the owls and hawks, and as far as smart, that they are, first they send out a scout to investigate the situation and if something doesn't suit the rest won't come. I'm not going to get into the hunting part, but if the scout doesn't return the rest will come looking for him. You can drive by a flock of crows in a field and they won't move just slow down to get a better look and half of them will take to the trees, I swear they see the tail lights come on!! LOL.  Also crows are the few critters that can see in color, not like a human but they can make out colors that don't belong, you can't wear blue jeans to call in crows, they will pick you out like a sore thumb.

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And what exactly is the point? To just go out and kill something?



Don't waste your breathe and don't expect others to understand.  They most likely never will.   Life is much more deterministic than you think or hope.

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