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These are the updated rules. As we have already said we are allowing Cohos and persons under 16 to fish with a parent or guardian. As stated in other posts this is no longer an at your own risk event as it pertains to fishing Canadian water. After researching the subject it had been determined that ALL vessels are required to call at the time of crossing as Canada has no jurisdiction over vessels not in their territory. Due to our NO Comm rule it is not possible for any tournament vessel to adhere to these policies therefore any vessel determined to be West of the Canadian US border during tournament hours will be disqualified. 


I understand this is causing hard feelings with a good handful of you. I am suffering myself as when the WHI was born it was with out restrictions and concerns as it pertains to this subject. The limitations are simply to protect myself, tournament and business from repercussions that could be eminent  if one or more of our teams were to have an issue. Please try to understand our position and be respectful as it pertains to the subject. As most of you know we go a long way to provide a fair, exciting and equitable event. 




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Awesome !! Great work shouldering the onslaught from those who simply want to capitalize on their strong areas over the pack. This without consideration to who could possibly be liable, not easy being coordination in a position like this. KUDOS !!! If anything the end result firms up even a more level playing field: Yes as noted from another poster never "TOTALLY" level ~~~ agreed, but as close to level as possible (IMO).


It's too bad how the longing for bragging rights or the Almighty dollar and/or etc. will bring us out of our well manicured being from time to time, I guess its just part of the human race we all have become a part of. If it wasn't for those who steer us back into safety where would we end up? Just ask those who've been fined or have had seizures due to related situations as this topic has exposed.


Whether its border control or birth control we all need to be protected from ourselves from time to time. Its never easy when limitations are enforced and we have to counter what our heads want to do. Like I said before in another post have faith, Kevin isn't the bad guy. Why would anybody in a position like Kevin and after all he has done with this event want to take anything away from it? He doesn't !!! Countless thoughts and hours over months have gone into this.



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you're right! Kevin isn't a bad guy and this is probably a decision that comes with grave difficulty. But the fact that you think if just about the fishing in someones backyard is false. Plans have been made for a long time by many people. I can name a bunch that have to alter plans to participate. The facts are this, level playing field is correct (grid tourney discussed by many for a long time), Less Liability is correct (why should kevin put himself at harm), there are many other things in this decision that are true!! The facts dont stop there, This was discussed many times for a long time in past yr mainly 6 months, Why wait till 10 days prior to the event for this to come out. Is it enough time? For some im sure its plenty and for others maybe not. I guess time will tell but this is by no means a knock on Kevin or the integrity of the event or how hard he works at this.

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Yvan we have spoken many times I appreciate you and your vision as it predated mine by many years. I understand the hard ache and  appreciate the growing pains it has caused. The timing sucks I agree and im to blame but its me hanging on to hope while I dove into this mess headfirst that is the cause. I wish things were different as I have been a mess over it all. Im not going to kid you and make you thing im a "what I say goes kinda guy". Regardless of the anonymous Y- Knot I give a **** and will continue to do the right thing regardless. None of our committee is above it all and I urge everyone to get involved if they have something to offer. I cant wait to see everyone next week and hope the fishing and weather are good. 

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Yvan, without naming anyone in-particular, how often has a coordinating figure stressed over a ruling or decision for a period of time (until they ran out of time) and then came forward with what they thought was best.

For example:

-Entry fee and deadline changes

-Team structure or division changes

-Rules governing event

-Payout amount and placements paid

-Observers on board or not

-Sponsorship awards or not

-Winnings actually being paid or not

-At times even if a certain event would be around the following season?


It is unfortunate but from season to season changes will occur !!!


The list goes on and on, heck I've been at certain events on this lake when I approached an event coordinator and asked what the payouts were or what was 1st going to pay and was told and I quote "Oh $8 or $10,000" and then was on that winning team and was paid "8"


I also recall events where Friday morning as we were leaving the dock for a pre-fish event I saw an angler running feverishly through the grass towards an un-named event coordinator's boat saying "Here's my money I'm in I'm in !!!"


Point is these scenarios are not always favored buy coordination I am sure, nor participants, but in the hopeful betterment of it all at times its imminent



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