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Sodus Memorial Day With Family

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Took my family out for their first trip on our new to us Pursuit 3000 express. We stayed the night at the marina and hit the water at 5:30. Fished riggers with spoons and boards with sticks. I have never had a good autopilot before and it was very handy taking the family out. Before I could get the full spread out my 6 year old son was fighting a small king which hit a black and purple stick bait. As the morning went on the kings kept on coming; various moonshines did the damage off the riggers. By the time my wife and four year old daughter woke up my three older kids had landed four nice Kings the largest about 12 pounds. When the sun finely got of behind the clouds we started to pick up some steel head; most were small throw backs but we did get three real nice ones, the largest about 7 pounds. All and all we had a great day of fishing, we were done by 10:30 and had landed around twenty fish, equal split between kings and bows.





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jennings how deep of water and how deep you running. I did well earlier on browns and steel head haven't had much luck yet on kings. any luck on dipsys or lead core. going to try it tomorrow. you fishing east or west 

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