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Otisco First Fish of the Year! Well, Kinda...

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Due to a long honey due list, Turkey hunting, and my boat not in running order  I had only 4hr's of walleye fishing to date and nothing to show for it, until last night.  I found myself a spot off the usual beaten path of shore fisherman and settled in too the mooneyes doing their dance thing and walleyes slurping all around me.  After an hour of casting I finally had one on I reached up to turn my hat light on and damn... the batteries are dead.  After a few minutes I was luckily able to net the fish.. I walked up the bank and set the net down to take the lure out of her mouth  she then decided to flop out of the net down the bank and back into the lake!!!   It was almost 4am by then and I was too tired to filet her anyways. Atleast that's what I am going to tell people. LOL

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