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Canadice Inaugural trip 2014

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Finally (!!!) got the boat in the water this year.  Did some motor clean up the past couple weeks, thought that it was finally ready, but still took my oars  :P


Put it in on Canadice (6 minute drive from the house) around 5 pm.  Motor started up quickly and ran like a scalded dog.  Ran up North, caught a super-dink perch and large Rock Bass, both released.  Headed South, fishing along the way. A couple hits, no fish.  Marked some of the drop-offs on the GPS while the fish finder was still working (may need to be replaced - I know the battery is shot) so I can find them easily when the lake is frozen. Didn't mark  lot of fish, but cannot guarantee they weren't there.  Saw a few trollers, and quite a few (I assume) bass fishermen casting to the weeds along the shoreline edges.


See you all out there!!

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