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So I got my kicker


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Went down to my brothers and picked up his kicker motor.  9.9 merc 2 stroke, with the gas line fittings and 6 gal tank.  My boat is currently under repair at Power Marine and since they have the boat I figured I could pay them to put the kicker on.  You know mount it etc.  But they won't do that.  So what do I need to do to do this?  It has a saltwater transom on the boat that hangs back about 2.5' or so from the stern.  thanks


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Yep you be thinking correct.  Probably didn't word my post correctly.  What kind of bracket I guess to start with.  Does it make any difference because I have an extended transom or not.  Will any bracket that goes down in the water work correctly?  Do I need a special bracket to match the length of the transom etc.etc.  thanks

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Then check out a Controllking for your kicker. I'm a distributor and offer LOU members special pricing. Hit me at [email protected] if interested. I have sold a bunch of units to members here. Great addition to a kicker if we make one that will fit. Yours should be no problem.

Brad W.

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