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Got a late start Saturday morning because we had to pick up downriggers at Screwy Louies as we had to have new cable put on and serviced and all that. It was lumpy and we bounced out to 130 FOW and set up around 8:30 headed east. Three downriggers set 85 and 75 with SD and BW bait on the bottom and sd and fly in the middle with a spoon parked at 65. 2 dipseys one with flasher fly at 175, the other with flasher meat rig at 200. 1-300 copper down the chute w FF. Not long after set-up the 175 dipsey took off and we netted a 12lb king. Not long after that something slammed the 200 dipsey and screamed... then off. Turns out it straightened out the treble on a brand new Big Weenie rig and the drag was set fairly light. Reeled in the 300 copper and put a Flasher /meatrig out with a 3oz dive bomb 30-40' above the leader. Not too long after putting it out the 300 takes off and we put a 25lb king in the box. (Our first king landed off of a copper rig) I put that rig right back out and soon after we boxed a 23lb king. Then it died for us. Searched out to 230 and had a few dipsey rips on then off. Ended up west in 130ish water with a bunch of other boats and another dipsey screammm then nothing home. Headed in w 3 in the box.


Sunday went out when the sky cleared and went from 130 -260 FOW and only had one dipsey rip and headed in at noon with the first skunk of the season. Oh well!


The fleas were horrendous also.


Tight lines and screamin drags.



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Fishing was tough for me. You did far better than us. Good job on putting fish in the box

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