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Sandy Pond Report 8/23-26

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Fished Sat - Monday.  


Saturday - found some active fish at around 9:30 - 11:30 in about 120 FOW. Landed 2 Kings (teenagers) and 1 Coho. Two fish on the downriggers and our first one of the year on the dipsy. Action died but when we were picking up we found we were dragging a skippy.  Don't know how long it was on there but Im sure it played a part in our action coming to an end.  Came in for food and headed back out but didn't move a rod in the afternoon.   


Sunday - Couldn't get anything going.  We did land one early in the same depth.  Lost what we think was a good brown about 15 feet from the boat. Than landed a laker on the 450 copper. Moved to a spoon program to see if we could get a steelie or a brown.  Two releases and one break off (12lb flouro) on the spoons down about 60. Did land a 6-7 lb steelie (blue dolphin stinger) that performed some awesome acrobatics.    


Monday - Got out there super early to see if we could land a couple early before the ride home.  Ended up getting one on the a 275 dipsey.  Had a short strike on the copper and another on the dipsey.  Called it quits at 10:30 and drove home.  Hoping to be out their this Saturday.  


Overall another slow weekend.  We picked a few salmon but I have to say the fishing was tough.  Radio talk was about the same.  One here and there.  Seemed like a lot of guys were getting lakers.   Plenty of good temp. out there now.  But very few marks.  They just seemed spread out.  Only found one good concentration of fish all weekend but never found them again.  All my salmon were on FF but than again that is mostly all I run.   


We never went too deep.  It seemed once we left the 120 FOW there was void of life.  Tons of boats out there.  We counted 71 Monday morning.  Im sure there was way more than that but that was what we could see.  

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