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Oneida, Sylvan Beach Area

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Thinking of putting my camper up near Sylvan Beach for next season. I never fished Oneida and I've never been to that area. Wife and I are going up next weekend to check out the area ans some campgrounds. Can anyone give me any info on the general area? Restaurants, bars/pubs, other "attractions"? Looks like there's a few places to stop and eat at the canal. Can you tie up a boat there on that wall? Is it free?



On a side note, I'll be spending my days fishing the lake while the wife does her thing shopping or whatever. But I'm thinking that lake might get pretty snotty with an East/West wind. How much wind does it take to make it unfishable? I've got a 18' alum deep V with a 150 stroke. It's set up to troll with riggers, dipseys and planers, and I do a lot of casting for bass & panfish on it as well. I've had it on Ontario in 1-2' and that wasn't too much fun, we got beat up pretty bad. If the lake blows up, is there anywhere that I could still fish that's protected? I thought if it's real nasty I could trailer over to Onondaga, Otisco or some other lake that's somewhat nearby. Is that canal/river at Sylvan Beach worth fishing? What about Cross Lake and the canal up that way? Not looking for any honeyholes, just decent overall areas to try out. If anyone is up that way, I'm usually fishing solo and I'm always happy for a a guy or two to split costs as hop ons.


Thanks in advance


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Nice lake.  But being shallow and east west oriented it can pick up very quick.  Captain John's is a good seafood restaurant but a little walk from where you an tie up.  There was a nice restaurant/bar that we stopped at overlooking the water with outside seating and a band so you can find some nice places for you and the wife to go to together.  There is also a Spaghetti place on 13 but again, I think you would have a little walk to get there.  At the other end of the lake, there is a real nice restaurant on the north side of the river as you exit the lake.  As for fishing, my son and I just got home.  Trolling tonight, and caught a real nice walleye and a big perch.  supposedly it is a great lake for those two spp. as well as bass.  Gander Mountain is at the other end of the lake as well, but you cant get there by boat.  They are just off rt. 81.

Skip Onondaga for fishing.  Owasco and Cayuga can be very good for fishing, Otisco is a nice lake, but I hear the bite can be on or off.  There are more educated folks on here that can chime in on that for you. 

Good luck finding what your looking for in a campsite and hope to see you on the water next year.

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