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Re: Thoughts on Rattling

Iron Duke

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Buck to doe ratio doesn't have to much to do with it. Problem is you need to have a couple bucks in the area with some age on them. At least 2.5 year olds. I've rattled in some good bucks early in the season. When they get locked down with a doe don't bother. The Set up with any type of calling is most important. If deer can see deep past your call set they will never come in. Put some thick stuff at your back and they will run you over.

Like Hookedup said if you have a few cameras out and know you have a few older and possibly a couple fighting for dominance in an area rattling can be a extremely successful way to draw one into range.. Over the years the best responses have been right before does go into heat when the bucks are ready but the does aren't. .. The bucks are ready to fight for does and they will come in like some one is ringing the dinner bell but make sure your setup is correct because a old mature buck will always usually circle around down wind to scent check (he didn't get that old by being dumb)... Just a vocal snort wheeze will get it done too if u have a few bucks working the same area...


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