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Let's hear/see some of your favorite recipes. Do they vary depending on the species? Here's my go-to for mallards. Duck gumbo!!

Start by making a medium roux:

Equal parts flour and oil (1 cup each should make a pot of gumbo for about 4 people, 2 if you eat like I do ;))

Put the oil in a pot and hear till almost smoking, add the flour little by little, whisk it thoroughly. Cook over low heat for about 1.5 hrs.It is CRUCIAL to Stir this mixture constantly, if it burns it is ruined. When your roux is the color of dark peanut butter add 1 small bunch celery (chopped), 2 green peppers chopped, 1 large onion chopped and cook them for about 10 minutes. When thu are soft, add 32oz chicken stock and stir well. In another pan, lightly brown 4 cubed duck breast, then add to the gumbo pot and stir. I like to make my own creole seasoning, but many can be bought pre made at the store. Add about 3-4 tbs of creole seasons depending on how flavorful you'd like it. Brin to a boil for about 10 minutes then reduce to a Simmer on low for about an hour then add 3 links of smoked andouille sausage (sliced) and 1 clove of garlic (diced or pressed). Simmer on low for another hour and serve over rice, preferably with a dark beer. Here is mine, paired with Embrr from Ithaca Beer Co. Enjoy, let's hear some recipes!!post-148029-14203272477693_thumb.jpg

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I, for one, like eating divers. It's probably healthier to just use the fillets and thighs on these more carnivorous species. Anyway, this simple preparation is my favorite and also my post-successful hunt ritual...

Rub the whole breast fillets and thighs with coarse salt and crushed black pepper, dust with flour, then sear and brown in a little olive oil in an oven-safe pan (a cast iron skillet works well). When nicely browned place the pan in a hot, preheated oven and let them cook through for a few minutes - until medium pink on the inside (do not overcook!). Remove from oven and allow to rest 10 minutes before slicing and serving. 


For those who don't like the flavor of divers, yet want to make use of them, spices are the answer....

Use them for taco meat. Grind, brown in oil, then add lots of your favorite taco seasoning.


New Mexico Green Chile Stew (soup, really)... ~1 cup duck meat (cut into 1/2" pieces), brown in a pot with ~ 1tbs oil, (optional; add and sweat down ~1/2 cup chopped onion and/or a clove of garlic), add ~ 3 cups stock, a couple handfuls of cubed potato, and several roasted, chopped green chilies*. Boil until potatoes are cooked, (optional; add a couple tbsp. of toasted cornmeal - mix toasted cornmeal with water or cooled stock to avoid lumps). Salt to taste. Set aside to cool, refrigerate and reheat the following day. Serve with flour tortillas.

*substitute for New Mexico green chilies; roast anaheim and jalapeno, or hot banana peppers over a flame until well charred, allow to cool, remove skins and most of the seeds.

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