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I will be listing some stuff over the next few weeks. Since it will be listed on a few different sites I will respond by the order the emails come in to me. Shipping is extra on the prices listed. I will also try to put pictures up as soon as possible on my site. My email [email protected] and my pics will be at www.catchabunchcharters.com and will be under fishing news. 

Okuma 30l $50.00 mono line.....SOLD

okuma cv 45d $65 sun faded some with wire SOLD

okuma cv 30 d $70 nice shape with wire not sure how much.....SOLD

Shimano tekota 800 $150 some boat rash 375 copper...SOLD

Okuma Cv 30L $43 Mono line missing cast control knob......SOLD

Okuma cv 30 l $50 mono line.....SOLD

Okuma cv 45 l $50 some amount of leadcore.....SOLD

Okuma cv 45l $50 some amount of leadcore......SOLD

okuma 300l $20*......SOLD

Okuma 300l $20.....SOLD

Okuma cv55l $80 400 copper.....SOLD

Okuma cv55l $75 350 copper......SOLD

Okuma cv55l $70 12 color lead

tekota 600lc $100 handle is worn.....SOLD

tekota 600lc $120 great shape......SOLD

Penn 320 gti never used $50.......SOLD

Talora 8' medium light $40

Talora 8' medium light $40

Talora 8' medium light $40

shimano Torium 30 $145 15 color excellent shape......SOLD

shimano Torium 30 $145 12 color excellent shape......SOLD

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