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Yankee in the ROC 4/18 & 4/19 - Beautiful Atlantic!

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You're doing a great job Rick. We remember fishing with your father and his buddy Skamaniac and you were barely able to see over the gunwale. I also welded for you and your dad in the landscape business. I remember doing two double charters (an 8hr and then a 5hr) alone, both saturday and sunday while Bruce fished the Pro-ams. That was his way of vacation (from me also) and I never wanted to cut into that. He spent $2000 that weekend --and I made $2000. I want to have fun now. Maybe we will try another Pro-am or ? --but I would like to have a good time if I spend money--without upsetting Bruce. Tom is good--we were breaking his nuts---keep catching fish----Rich

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I thought this thread was dead but i guess i will make my LAST reply on this topic ONLINE.

2004 sodus pro am largest king salmon pro. division and $1000.00 a day winner 28.28lbs. (l&M) remembers that one because he was close second :)

and thats out of a port i had never fished before 

2005 pro/am 14th place 

 you where still an AM. back then so you may not remember.

 fished 2 pro/ams and that's it because of 2 reasons first and foremost a team member had a serious medical issue during a prefish event and it had a huge impact on the team

 second reason is i have said a thousand times there needs to be no communication in these events. do your best by yourself and see where you land when the dust settles. Communication between anglers makes the playing a mask - no communication at all in the end will show consistency, ability and knowledge of all anglers involved. Countless teams place in the money because of knowledge learned or shared.... and in my eyes that proves nothing. But maybe some more of those events will be coming up in the future.

 LOC derby placings - done browns,lakers, steelhead and kings all in the placings (from 3rd place in a division on down) and in the money for myself,my customers including a top 10 placing king out of your port of wilson for the owner of Northern King Lures. Of ya - did that and it was my first time fishing out of that port.


 i dont need recognition could careless. The spotlight and chest pounding can be handled by others. 


 last note one of your very first charters you ran i second boated for you....it was for a radio advertising agency. You had the bayliner then. You had to ask me where the fish where because you haven't been out in awhile and i had fished the past few days. We fished the charter both did good and all had a great time...I had 2 or 3 more fish than you thou. DID the same thing to you BRUCE - smoked ya on your own trip.

 Point being is we all catch fish, good days and bad days. Sometimes when you climb the ladder you forget things.


don't ever forget where you came from in life.

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